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James E. Ward Jr.

James E. Ward Jr. is a pastor, author, visionary, and entrepreneur who has emerged as a mainstream, conscionable voice of spiritual and moral authority. Because of his unique Zero Victim, Biblical perspective, his involvement is highly sought after by corporate, government, and thought leaders, in mitigating the complex challenges that accompany racial, cultural, and socio-political issues.

He is known for his keen insight on how to practically apply spiritual principles to peacefully resolve the growing social discord of intersectionality in society and organizations. As a speaker, James emphasizes Christian character and leadership development. He is a strategist and advocate for holistic social renewal, reconciliation, and transformation.

In his book, Zero Victim: Overcoming Injustice With a New Attitude, James presents a universal principle that equips individuals to succeed in every area of life—the development of a Zero Victim mindset.

Along with his wife Sharon, James is pastor and founder of INSIGHT Church near Chicago, and founder of National Prayer Altar at Museum of the Bible—a call for all Christ-followers to gather for unified, apolitical prayer in Washington DC.

James and Sharon have been married for twenty-one years and have two wonderful children, Hannah and Jonathan.

Sharon Ward

Sharon Ward is the co-pastor of INSIGHT Church and the co-founder of the Zero Victim Community Development Corporation. She is a loving wife, mother, entrepreneur, and a gifted speaker with deep love for God and passion for people.

As a woman of faith and prayer, Sharon is known for breaking barriers and setting new standards in her extensive involvement in spiritual and cultural initiatives. She participated in President Donald J. Trump’s Roundtable in Kenosha, WI following the shooting of Jacob Blake Jr. Since that time, she continues to be a ‘voice’ to America on behalf of Christ followers with Biblical values.

Sharon’s passion in ministry has always been to love hurting people and care for those who are disadvantaged in life, by facilitating outreach ministries, foreign missions, and benevolent enterprises. She believes God can take people from wherever life places them to achieve their highest potential in God.

Sharon openly admits that the most fulfilling part of her life is serving her husband, and modeling excellence to her two children, Hannah and Jonathan.

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